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Common name: Rhaphidophora minor ‘Variegated’

Scientific name: Rhaphidophora minor ‘Variegated’

Type: Epiphyte

Height: 20-40cm

Width: up to 50cm

Leaves: 3-6 leaves / ask for detail


Rhaphidophora minor ‘Variegated’ has completely different variegation. At a glance, one will think this is a R. puberula or R. foraminifera ‘Variegated’, however, if you take a look closely at this specie's vein and shape you can easily distinguish the difference.

The variegation pattern itself will start with a ‘yellowish-minty’ in bright green leaves, over time, once they grow mature, the leaves will turn into dark green, by the time the variegation remains bright and bring brilliant contrast variegation to the leaves. They have a stable & permanent variegation.

Rhaphidophora minor 'Variegated / Variegata'

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