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Terms and Conditions


  1. We Ship Worldwide with DHL express or by request with warranty & Phytosanitary Certificate from Bali, Indonesia.

  2. Free shipping with a minimum purchase of $1,000

  3. Please contact us at or WhatsApp (+6281238606868) If you want to:

    • Find information about the import regulations ​​for your country​​​

    • Find information about the status of your order

    • or Hand carry the plant from Bali, Indonesia

  4. The process may take 2-6 weeks

    • Export permit submission to the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture (2-4 weeks)

    • Quarantine process for Phytosanitary certificate (1 week)

    • Shipping by the vendors depends on the designated country

  5. Indonesia Shipping Policy obliged a phytosanitary certificate from the Quarantine service by the Ministry of Agriculture for every plant export to ensure all shipped plants are free of pests & diseases. Indo Tropical Plant will provide Phytosanitary service for free for all of our plants.

  6. Indo Tropical Plant responsible for inspection in Indonesia, after the package is sent, all inspections in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

  7. All forms of taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

  8. The buyer is required to provide shipping instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country. If the buyer does not, Indo Tropical Plant will follow the standard procedure and the buyer has no right to sue if any problem occurs. 


  1. To claim your warranty please provide a clean unboxing video from the beginning. The warranty only applies for severely damaged plant or dead plant.

  2. For fully damaged plants you will be given two options:

    • Partial refund, up to 50% of the initial price​

    • Reship, we will resend the plants one time only to the customers. Shipping costs are borne to the buyer, due to damage in shipping being part of the risk of buying live plants

  3. Warranty void if:

    • The package retains by the custom for more than 3 (three) days

    • If the buyer does a negative campaign

  4. Dried, yellowish, and folded leaves are not covered.


  1. We accept payment through PayPal, Credit card via PayPal, or Direct Bank Transfer to our company account.

  2. Cancellation is not allowed after 24 hours post-order, we don’t accept returns or plant exchanges.

  3. Payment must be cleared before the export permit is submitted.

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