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Common name: Monstera siltepecana ‘El Salvador’

Scientific name: Monstera siltepecana ‘El Salvador’

Type: Epiphyte

Height: 15-20cm


Leaves: 2-4 leaves


This grow is found in Mexico and many components in Main America. In its adolescent stages, the plants will mature a tree and have beautiful greyish-green fallen leaves with unique dark green capillaries.As the plants fully grown, the resulting fallen leaves are totally various from the adolescent form. They transform dark green and develop fenestrations (these are openings in the fallen leaves much like the ones that Monsteras such as deliciosa and adansonii develop).This species expands as an epiphytic creeper in nature. It begins at the base of a tree as an adolescent grow and quickly creeps up the tree. And after that it goes insane and lives right into their adult years a lot higher.The fallen leaves will remain in their adolescent form if expand in a terrarium or in a dangling basket. They'll just develop fully grown fallen leaves in time if give a durable support (and persistence inside your home). Sometimes described as Philodendron siltepecana, this grow does NOT come from the Philodendron genus. It comes from the Monstera genus of plants. Monsteras and Philodendron belong however and both belong in the Aroid or Araceae grow family.Provided great problems, I've found that this grow expands very quickly in the home! Let's currently enter into some information of treatment. As a basic guideline, the way I sprinkle practically all my houseplants coincides! Many of the concepts of grow houseplant treatment can be used to most/all houseplants!Sprinkling is among these concepts. And here's how I sprinkle my siltepecana and other grow that I have expanding in dirt. I delay until the top inch or two of the dirt dries out (using my finger to judge this) and after that I will sprinkle the dirt thoroughly until sprinkle escapes the drainage opening.

Monstera siltepecana 'El Salvador'

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