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Philodendron bipennifolium Violin Variegated

Philodendron violin variegated is a mutation version of P. bippenifolium (falsely known as P. panduriforme). Can be easily differed by its blade as it is similar to a violin. As it grows mature, the blade morphology will change over time. Able to grow more than 50cm in length, it a definition of beauty.

Just like most types of Philodendron, P. bippenifolium is also an epiphyte plant. They are attached to trees and grow upward in nature, though this plant is not a parasite. The adult form of P. bipennifolium is rarely seen in a collection but is common in the rainforest. Philodendron bipennifolium is suspected of being one of the parents of several exotic natural hybrids that circulate among aroid collectors.

The variegated Philodendron Violin remains a rare plant until now, it's not only because of its supply. It's also very difficult to get stable gen for its variegation. One says you need to propagate it multiple times, make it stress, to push the variegated gen. A perfect option as a house plant as it's easy to keep yet also beautiful.

One says this plant is a companion of Philodendron florida beauty and Philodendron domesticum variegated. As its yellow variegated is similar, they used to display it together.

Variegated Philodendron violin has a stable demand, as its coloration is so fascinating. This plant has metallic green color, which makes him different from other plants. While the variegation has a deep and light yellow, at the same time its shape can transform clearly while growing mature.


Family: Araceae

Sub Family: Aroideae

Genus: Philodendron

Species: Philodendron bipennifolium Violin Variegated

Schott, Oestr. Bot. Wochenbl. 5: 289. 1855.

Similar to: Philodendron quinquelobum

Synonym: -

Common name: horsehead philodendron, Philodendron violin

Origin and Distribution

Philodendron bipennifolium habitat ranges from southern Venezuela to southern Brazil. In Venezuela, the species is known only from Amazonas in the vicinity of Yavita along the Rio Temi, but it is expected to be much more widespread


Has an alternate growth with a simple leaf type. Philodendron bippenifolium is one of the shape-shifters among philodendrons, it starts from a slightly wide leaf and then turns into a more thin shape with a narrower form (check the figure) and forms from similar to a violin into a horsehead. Might grow large up to 18 inches when mature. By nature, this plant has a bluish-grey color and will have a different coloration depending on the lights, with a higher lighting environment they will have a brighter leaf, on the other hand, with a lesser light, the leaf's color will slightly get darker. Things will turn to the next level if you have a variegated philodendron violin as this bluish-grey color combined with its yellow-orange-white variegation as its variegation will degrade over time making this plant has multicolor leaves.


Variegated philodendron violin is a hemi-epiphyte plant attached to a tree in nature, its stem will need support if you want to make this plant mature. Just like all epiphyte philodendrons, its stems will induce aerial roots to be attached to its vine, and this root is also useful to those who want to propagate the plant


Philodendron violin variegated came from the neotropical region, as its weather warm all year, you can keep this plant inside your house while winter came. This plant stays beautiful all year round, with a good humidity & rooting system its leaves won't drop and stay beautiful


This plant is attached to its vine and will climb all the way to the top and usually blooms while reach the tree canopy

Temperature tolerance

They prefer a tropical environment, a warm condition will suit this plant

Humidity & Drought tolerance

They prefer 65% humidity or above, a sudden drop of relative humidity below 55% will damage its aerial roots.

Growth rate

Philodendron bipennifolium ‘violin’ will emerge new leaves usually every 3 weeks when locate in bright filtered sunlight with a tropical temperature. To reach its mature size from seedlings it might take up to 3-4 years in proper conditions. One said it needs up to 5 years until it inflorescence.


This plant is very easy to keep & propagate and will remain beautiful all year long with a good care


Philodendron violin variegated does not have a dormancy period, however, it might get slower in winter, this plant will only go dormant if they have a problem with its rooting system if you notice this plant stops growing, check the roots immediately and provide treatment.

Does Philodendron bipennifolium toxic?

There is no scientific study to examine its leaf's composition, however, in general, Araceae leaves contain calcium oxalate which is toxic to humans and pets

How to keep Variegated Philodendron violin?


18-34 Celcius degrees is the common temperature in a tropical region, the sweet spot for this plant is around 25-30 Celcius degrees


Bright direct filtered sunlight is the best for this plant, especially for the variegated philodendron violin, bright light is important to ensure the variegation is consistent. This plant does not tolerate direct sunlight


65% relative humidity or above is suitable for this plant, with a higher humidity level, this plant root will have healthier aerial roots.

Philodendron violin variegated care


Epiphyte plants love air as they have aerial roots not only to attach to a tree’s trunk but also to collect nutrients and air both oxygen and carbon dioxide, overwatering might kill the roots as they don't receive ample air to ‘breath’, basically, less watering is much better rather than overwatering.


Just like another philodendron, this plant tolerates many different kinds of mediums, please make sure it has the ability to keep water but is also porous to ensure airflow in the media.


As philodendron violin variegata has a wide leaf surface, foliar feeding will be useful for this plant. A slow-release fertilizer is also a good nutrient supply for this plant


You can do cutting to propagate this plant, keep the aerial roots in a good healthy medium, and within a few weeks.

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