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Warranty Policy

1. We provide warranty for a severely damaged plant / dead plant. To claim your warranty please provide we provide a clear photo or video as proof of the damaged plant with your phytosanitary to or +6281238606868

2. You will be given 2 options for your fully damaged plant:

    A.Partial Refund, up to 70% from the initial price.

    B.Reship, we will resend the plants one time only to the customers. Shipping costs are borne to the buyer, due to damage in shipping being part of the risk of buying live plants.

3. Refund only applies to plants whose whole is fully damaged (leaves, stems, and roots). Leaves only damaged plants will not be refunded.

The buyer is prohibited to report complaints to any media. The warranty is void if the buyer does a negative campaign. 

4. Leaves damage is common for the plant was ‘tortured’ due to shipping across nations,

If the plants arrived with yellowing leaves, folded leaves, dried leafs corners, which is very common during the shipment, there’s NO RESHIP/REFUND.

However, worries not, with the right treatment, your plant will recover before you know it. You can follow our standard procedure here to help your plant to recover, please contact Iva for the plant care guide from our horticulturist.

5. Warranty void if the package retains by the custom by more than 3 (three) days.

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