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Monstera adansonii Variegated

Monstera adansonii variegated mint
Monstera adansonii variegated mint

Monstera adansonii variegated / variegata is one of the most famous plants among aroid enthusiasts. Among Indonesian hobbyists, some of them thought that this particular plant is native to Indonesia, in fact, just like other monsteras, this plant is widely spread in their habitat across south & central America. There are several variegated versions of this plant is has been commonly known in the market. In Indonesia itself there is 1 version while Japan has two versions.

The bold white version / albo is very famous for its beauty, originally from Japan it doesn't take much time to be known worldwide for its remarkable variegation similar to Monstera deliciosa var. Borsigiana. Similar to the white version, Japan also has the yellow version which also stunning just like the white version.

Variegated monstera adansonii The Indonesian version is another story, with a tremendous white stripe mixed with dark & light colors, the hobbyist called this type the mint version, this particular version is slightly more narrow compared to the white Japan version.

There are many variants available for the species adansonii itself, despite of their beauty, these three types of M. adanosonii have a similar requirement


Family: Araceae

Sub Family: Aroideae

Genus: Monstera

Species: Monstera adansonii Variegated Mint

Schott, Wiener Z. Kunst 1830

Similar to: -

Synonym: -

Common name: swiss cheese plant , five holes plant, adanson’s monstera, swiss cheese vine, Monkey mask plant

Origin and Distribution

Monstera adansonii variegated is a mutated version discovered in Indonesia and Japan. The original M. adansonii is originally from central and south America

Monstera adansonii variegated albo
Monstera adansonii variegated albo (source:

Monstera adansonii variegated yellow (source:


Has an ovate leaf with oval holes within the leaf. The early seedling is not perforated, and only will be perforated once it reaches the juvenile stage (some of Monstera only split or perforated in their mature stage).

Might grow large when mature. The variegation itself is very stable, the Japan white / albo might turn into whitish mint on the juvenile stage and will revert back to albo once reach a bigger size (10cm upward) by nature all of these versions have multiple colorations makes it stunning and irresistible for aroid enthusiast


Monstera adansonii variegated is an epiphyte and naturally grow on tree trunk in the nature. They produce aerial roots attached to their vine. It is necessary to attach the plant to the vine if you want to see its mature form.


This is a hemi-epiphyte plant that will be attached to a tree trunk in nature, while its main roots will be attached to the mother earth.


Monstera adansonii variegated came from the neotropical region, as its weather warm all year, you can keep this plant inside your house while winter came. This plant stays beautiful all year round, with a good humidity & rooting system its leaves won't drop and stay beautiful


This plant will climb as long as there are vine, it will reach its final form once they grow to the top of the tree trunk in the nature

Temperature tolerance

This particular type of monstera is tolerate high temperature, however, they doesnt tolerate an extreme cold environtment

Humidity & Drought tolerance

They can stand up to as low as 50% for humidity, however it is recommended to keep it on a more humid environtment

Growth rate

They grow faster compared to the other famous monstera such as Monstera deliciosa. This particular plant will need a vine to reach the mature stage.


This plant is very easy to keep & propagate and will remain beautiful all year long with a good care


This plant does not have a dormancy period under proper conditions unless it has problems with it’s roots.

Does Monstera adansonii toxoc to humar or animal?

There is no scientific study to examine its leaf's composition, however, in general, Araceae leaves contain calcium oxalate which is toxic to humans and pets

How to keep Variegated Monstera adansonii?


18-34 Celcius degrees is the common temperature in a tropical region, the sweet spot for this plant is around 25-30 Celcius degrees


Filtered direct sunlight for at least 10 hours is the best for this plant, especially for the variegated monstera adansonii, bright light is important to ensure the variegation is consistent. This plant tolerate direct sunlight, however, it wont be at its best shape & color.


Monstera adansonii needs 65% relative humidity or above is suitable for this plant, with a higher humidity level, this plant root will have healthier aerial roots.

Monstera adansonii variegated care


Just like other hemi-epiphyte, Monstera adansonii variegated does not like overwatering, they prefer a porous media to ensure the drainage and prevent water clogging.


Just like another monstera, this plant tolerates many different kinds of mediums, please make sure it has the ability to keep water but is also porous to ensure airflow in the media.


This plant loves the nutrients, a routinely balanced fertilizer will enhance the growth of this plant.


Propagation through cutting or seeds

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