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Alocasia Jacklyn: New Alocasia from Indonesia Plant Nursery

Discovered recently around 2019, with her stunning leaves, she doesn't need a lot of time to become a famous plant as a newcomer among Alocasia hobbyists.

New Alocasia from Indonesia: Alocasia Jacklyn

Falsely known as a mutati

on of Alocasia portei, also falsely known as Alocasia nycteris. This particular plant has not been legally identified until today. This particular type of Alocasia is native to Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia, just below the habitat of Alocasia zebrina reticulata. No wonder its veins within the leaves are pretty much similar. One of the best indications of this Alocasia 'Jacklyn' is their pinnatifid shape leaves.

Like other Alocasias, this plant is a tuber. Alocasia Jacklyn loves a strong light and will, a stronger light makes its leaves look more contrasted, however, this plant does not stand in a full-sun environment at least in the low-land areas.

As one of the slowest growth among Alocasias at the same time one of the most beautiful as well, this particular plant is quite difficult to get.

Light: Medium - Medium High

Media: Porous based media, a mix between moss/perlite/vermiculite and compost will work for them

Difficulty: Medium

Note: This plant might decay its leaves while adapting to new environment, however, rest assured as long you fulfilled the basis requirements, they will recover!

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