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Care Guide | Cereus tetragonus/ Kaktus Candi

In between waterings, let the soil totally dry out. After properly cleaning, allow any extra water to drain. Water more often (every one to two weeks, depending on conditions) during the growing season.

Make use of cactus or succulent potting mix that drains properly. To guarantee proper drainage, you can also create your own mixture by combining equal parts perlite, coarse sand, and standard potting soil.

Bright, indirect light is ideal for Cereus tetragonus growth. While it can withstand some direct sunshine, it should be avoided during the daytime sun since it might scorch the plant. This is especially true in the morning or late afternoon.

Stem cuttings are a viable method of propagating Cereus tetragonus. After a few days to allow the cut end to callus, plant it in a potting mix that drains properly. Hold the soil somewhat damp until roots form.

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