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Common name: Anthurium crystallinum 

Scientific name: Anthurium crystallinum

Type: Epiphyte

Height: 15-25cm


Leaves: 2-5 leaves

Anthurium crystallinum (an-THUR-ee-um kriss-TAL-in-um) are exotic plants valued for their gorgeous ornamental fallen leaves. Crystallinum is fairly easy to look after, production it preferred in many houseplant lovers' homes. Belonging to jungle margins in Main and Southern America, Crystallinum has large, velvety, heart-shaped fallen leaves protected with prominent white capillaries.


Such as all Anthurium species, Anthurium crystallinum has a sluggish development rate. Its fallen leaves and become more pronounced with time, but it'll take a while to see any considerable distinction.Every 2 to 5 years, the grow expands approximately 20″ inches, so you will not need to worry about moving the grow right into a larger pot for some time.


Outdoors, Anthurium crystallinum's fallen leaves can mature to 24″-30″ inches. But, it can just mature to an optimum of 18″ inches in a regulated home environment.When it comes to new fallen leaves, Anthurium crystallinum sprouts a solitary fallen leave every 4 to 6 weeks. Because of its self-heading development pattern, the fallen leaves usually take up side space.


Anthurium crystallinum flourishes in damp atmospheres and needs a minimal temperature level of 65°degrees Fahrenheit to survive. Its ideal temperature level is anywhere in between 75° to 80° levels Fahrenheit.In chillier areas, maintain your Anthurium crystallinum in your outdoor patio areas throughout the summer and in the greenhouse throughout winter.


In locations of moderate temperature levels throughout the year, Anthurium crystallinum can go straight in your backyard's dust. Their gorgeous, velvety dark green fallen leaves will produce an outstanding history cover in your lawn.Inside your home, maintain the grow in a well-ventilated terrarium. Avoid direct sunlight; place it under bright, indirect light rather.


Anthurium crystallinum flourishes in above-average moisture. It's best to duplicate its all-natural environment of exotic jungles where it is often damp.Throughout the expanding period, maintain the top layer of the dirt damp. Sprinkle the grow regularly, particularly throughout summer. Never ever permit the dirt blend or expanding medium to dry.


In locations with damp problems, Anthurium crystallinum can do without sprinkle for up to 2 weeks each time. Throughout winter, consider sprinkling every 2 weeks with warm sprinkle. Many Anthuriums grown readily feed with a slow-release fertilizer. Crystallium and Anthuriums generally react very well to balanced fluid plant foods.

Anthurium crystallinum

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