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Rhaphidophora megasperma

Rhaphidophora megasperma grows in a warm, humid, shady space, and is usually attached to a big tree close to a stream. A native plant from Indonesia. The shape is extremely beautiful and definitely will catch attention. The variegated form is very rare and hunted by many collectors. There are white, yellow, and other variegated forms.

Though it came from tropical rainforests, this plant is resistant to a dry environment. Make this plant a perfect houseplant option for your house.


Family: Araceae

Sub Family: Aroideae

Genus: Rhaphidophora

Species: Rhaphidophora megasperma Engl

Synonym: Rhaphidophora jaculiformis; Rhaphidophora subfalcata

Origin & Distribution

Native to Borneo, Indonesia, all the variegated version found in the market is also natural mutation from nature.


Elongate with a perforation within its leaves, naturally has a larger perforation compared to Rhaphidophora foraminifera. The variegated coloration itself varies depending on its variation as there are many variegated version discovered in nature and they have their own attraction


A hemi-epiphyte grew and climb on the tree trunk by using aerial roots


The plant may climb all the way to the top, which will make its leaves larger & reach its mature form

Growth rate

They need their roots to be settled before they can induce new growth.

Rhaphidophora megasperma variegated care


Rhaphidophora megasperma variegated does not like overwatering, they like porous media to ensure air circulation within the medium


This plant tolerates many different kinds of mediums, please make sure it has the ability to keep water but is also porous to ensure airflow in the media. A slight acidic (pH 6-6.8) medium would be suitable for this plant


18-34 Celcius degrees is the common temperature in a tropical region, the sweet spot for this plant is around 25-30 Celcius degrees


A bright light under shade will be suitable for this plant, a dark green form can be achieved by locating the plant in a shady environment, for the variegated Rhaphidophora megasperma, a bright light will support its variegation

Humidity & drought tolerance

Rhaphidophora megasperma is usually discovered on the low land (40-130m above sea level), on humid, ever-wet forests on clay foam, almost exclusively riverine, however, they’re not rheophytic such as R. beccarii. This plant tolerates dry weather, however, a humid environment is preferable (60-99%)


Rhaphidophora megasperma is Propagation through cutting or seeds

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