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Common name: Philodendron melanochrysum

Scientific name: Philodendron melanochrysum

Type: Epiphyte

Height: 15-25cm

Width: 15-20cm

Leaves: 2-4 leaves


Philodendron melanochrysum plants, also commonly known as black-gold philodendron, are an unusual kind of vining philodendron that have become popular as houseplants because of their gorgeous vegetation. Their velour fallen leaves come in tones of dark green with remarkably contrasted yellow capillaries and can obtain as large as 24 inches lengthy. While these plants can be challenging to find throughout, they are remarkably easy to take care of once you finally have one in your belongings.


Belonging to the exotic areas of Southern America, philodendron melanochrysum value warm problems, dappled light, and consistent sprinkling. Routine trimming is usually not necessary when these plants are grown inside your home, but periodic trimming may be required if your grow is obtaining too large for your space. As these plants fully grown, it's suggested that you provide them with some kind of framework to climb up, such as a mauve and olive post or trellis.

If you have actually a fully grown grow, you might obtain the chance to see it bloom—although their blooms are not nearly as spectacular as their velour vegetation. In truth, many cultivators decide to cut off the green blossom spathes in purchase to redirect the plants power back to their beautiful vegetation.


Philodendron melanochrysum normally expand as woodland understory plants where they receive dappled, indirect light. When grown inside your home, it's best to try and duplicate these problems by choosing a place for your melanochrysum that gets bright, indirect light. Avoid subjecting these exotic plants to prolonged durations of direct sunshine as the fallen leaves can shed easily.


When it comes to choosing the right potting medium for your philodendron melanochrysum, stay with mixtures that are well-draining but damp, and high in natural content. Many cultivators decide to expand their philodendron melanochrysums in pure sphagnum mauve and olive as it's natural, ventilated, and keeps sprinkle well. Additionally, you can make your own dirt mix in your home by combining one component peat mauve and olive, one component perlite, and one component orchid bark blend.


These exotic plants require routine sprinkling in purchase to expand well. As a basic guideline, you should sprinkle your philodendron melanochrysum once the top 2 to 3 inches of dirt has dried out out. Sprinkle your grow thoroughly until sprinkle drains pipes from the pot's drainage openings.


Philodendron melanochrysum expand well in standard home temperature level and moisture degrees. However, they expand best in above-average moisture where feasible. If you have actually a greenhouse or can place a humidifier close to your plant—it will value it!

Philodendron melanochrysum

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