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Common name: Philodendron verrucosum
Scientific name: Philodendron verrucosum
Type: Epiphyte
Height: 15-25cm
Width: 15-20cm
Leaves: 2-4 leaves


Philodendron verrucosum is a vibrant Philodendron with velvety fallen leaves. It's a hemiepiphyte that starts its life as a seed expanding in the cover of trees and is eventually getting to the dirt with its origins.


A hemiepiphyte is a grow that expands at the very least for a component of its lifecycle as an epiphyte. Epiphytes are plants that are expanding connected to various other trees.


There are many variations of Philodendron verrucosum, but at the very least 2 unique forms can be distinguished. The Philodendron verrucosum with the red on the behind of the fallen leave blade and the variation with the green behind.


However, the verrucosum species has a lot more various kinds to offer. The Philodendron verrucosum is a mountain climber meaning that the development practice is towards the skies and not along the surface.


The all-natural environment of this grow is Main to Southern America in nations such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Philodeondron verrucosum expands at an elevation in between 165 to 6550 feet (50 - 2000m) over water level and is therefore very varied in its needs.


Bright indirect light or filteringed system light is best for these mountain climbers. With bright indirect light, I imply light originating from a home window very nearby that's not touching the fallen leave blades straight. These problems