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Common name: Philodendron gloriosum
Scientific name: Philodendron gloriosum
Type: Creeping
Height: 15-20cm
Width: 10-20cm
Leaves: 1-4 leaves


Philodendrons are the one grow that houseplant moms and dads can't appear to obtain enough of - various other compared to the ever-popular Pothos, of course. With their large, heart-shaped fallen leaves that produce a forest right in your house, it is not surprising that they're so popular.


Houseplant collection agencies often go for the striking and unusual Pink Princess Philodendron, or the classic Split Fallen leave Philodendron. But the velvety, silvery-leafed Philodendron gloriosum is a deserving enhancement to any collection. This unusual philodendron has fascinating pigmentation, similar to the ever-popular Crystal Anthurium. Its larger-than-life fallen leaves are a dark green and seem like velour, and, including to its rich appearance, its capillaries are pale and silvery.


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