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Common name: Philodendron burlemarx 'Variegated'
Scientific name: Philodendron burlemarx ‘Variegated’
Type: Epiphyte
Height: 15-20cm
Width: 15-25cm
Leaves: 2-4 leaves


Philodendron burlemarx 'Variegated' is the variegated version of P. burlemarx this plant has shiny, slender, bright green, heart-shaped leaves and reddish stems. Prefers partial sun and moderate soil moisture, tolerates more sun than other philodendrons, and once established, tolerates mild drought.


Native to the tropical jungles of Brazil, this philodendron is named for the eminent Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx who championed the use of native plants in modern landscape design.

Philodendron burlemarx 'Variegated / Variegata'

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