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Common name: Alocasia 'Black Indo / Black Magic'

Scientific name: Alocasia infernalis

Type: Rosette with rhizome

Height: 20-30cm

Widht: 15-20cm

Leaves:1-2 leaves

Fall to the group of Alocasia scabriscula for its spathe constriction above the base of the male zone of the spadix such that all or at least the basal part of the male zone is held within the lower spathe chamber.  This species has stunning metallic purple leaves and will get darker almost-black once mature.


Disclaimer: Alocasias & Colococasias are very fragile during shipping, please expect decayed/ withered leaves upon arrival or even to bulb only, however, usually its bulb will survive & can revive to its better shape in a couple of weeks.

Alocasia infernalis

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